Produse availible!

Hey all youz p-nut eatin folks! We at Bubba’s Bald P-nuts are proud to announce that we has produse and will share it with youz, fer a price of course…. SO c’moon down and visit us and getcher some produse and mebbe my salesman brother ken sweet-talk yer into buyn sum p-nuts and tee-shirts!!!

Squash and Zucchini and more comin’!!

Ourn Sineage.

Ourn Sineage.


We iz makin a change.

Hey all youz sutherners. We at Bubba’s Bald P-nutz is makin a little change. Az due to the nature of our move, we havn’t been gettin alot of bizness, and was wastin profits on our Salt ‘n Vinegar P-nuts, so was dicussin round the table over dinner, and decided to discontinue the Salt ‘n Vinigar till we’z git more biz. If youz liked ourn Salt ‘n Vinegar, mebbe youz’ll like our ‘riginal, too. So stop on by and getcher some p-nuts!!

We iz open!

Howdy all you suthern folk!! We at Bubba’s bald p-nutz are proud to say that we iz now open!! Be shure to stop by and visit us!! We have made a lil bit of a change to ourn skedule. We are open now from 12A.M to 6PM, Sunday thru Friday. We’ll make changez as we go as we feel out buzniss opportunity and what time y’all feel like stoppin by!! Also, we welcome truckers drivin down HWY 34, so feel free to drive onto the drivein we’ve created!! C’mon down and getcher bald P-nuts!!


Hey, y’all. Us southern p-nut eatn’ folk are relocatin’. Last year wuz a gud year fer us in Newberry plaza, but due to circumstance, and movin’ and farmin’ and such, we are now in Silverstreet. We now are located on HWY 34, just a ‘lil bit out of the Town of Silverstreet headin’ towards Chappells. This year we has a wonderful surprize fer you. We are now sellin’ produce. We planted a 80’x140′ garden this year, and will have all kind of home-grown produce, just watin’ fer youta come and git… Soon, we will be openin’ and y’all come on down and see us!!

Food Stamps? Whazzat?

Yestidy, some woman stopped and axed fer a sample of my p-nuts.

Liked ’em, so she axes fer a 4 doller bag, but wanted to know if we take ‘food stamps.’

Hoss don’t know nuthin but work.  He sez, ‘Food what?’

‘Food stamps,’ she sez.  ‘Food stamps!’

He turned and looked real dumb at me.  I sez, ‘Nope.’

We’d rather work fer a livin,’


Funny thing is, her car wuz nicer then ourn!!


Are those wet ones?

Sum yahoo drove up to the stand a couple days ago. wet-ones1

He asks, ‘Are those wet ones?’

I sez, ‘Wet what?  The peanuts?’

He says, “Yeah, I don’t like the wet ones.  I want rostid.”

I could tell, he ain’t from around here!  Had a Yankee accent…  But we sold him some rostid peanuts anyway.

I shoulda showed him a pikture of wet ones so he’d know what they are.